Why Choose Parsley Real Estate Inc.? 

1. We can sell your house for more money. $$$ Did you know that statistics show that the typical for sale by owner home sells for less than a salesperson-assisted home. Even with a 6% commission, the owner will on average realize 10% more than if he tried to save the commission and sell it himself.

2. We understand contracts, forms and disclosure statements required in a real estate transaction. We are licensed by the State of Florida and are required by law to take continuing education to keep up-to-date with changes in the law, forms and requirements.

Lead based paint disclosures, Homeowner’s Association disclosures are required by law. Providing a buyer with Mold, Radon & property condition disclosures, deed restrictions and zoning information will help protect you from buyer claims after closing.

3. We do this full-time. Available after hours, before hours, weekends & holidays!!! We do the showing of the property and making of the appointments.

Many for sale by owners are not aware of how many hours a real estate salesperson spends. Our office is open 7 days a week and most holidays. Salespeople are available by cell phone.

4. Pricing the property competitively is “key”! Not too low, Not too high, but just right!We have the experience, knowledge and tools available to compare your property to actual sales and currently listed properties. There are reasons a home does not sell. Usually it’s the price, then at fault is the condition and the availability to show the property.

5. Marketing Your property. You have to expose it! Tell everyone!!We advertise your property in many magazines, newspapers, internet, signs, brochures. We will furnish you with copies of ads to keep you aware of our marketing efforts. Our salespeople will caravan your home after the listing to make sure we are familiar with it’s features and can talk intelligently about it when a buyer does call. We know how and where to obtain school, zoning and tax information. Your home will be listed in the MLS, multiple listing service, giving your home much more exposure.

6. We can handle buyer’s objections.Seller’s tend to be emotionally attached to their homes and rightfully so. Often, buyer’s objections can be overcome.

7. We can help get a buyer financed.We pre-qualify buyers and help them find mortgages. First Time Home Buyer Programs, FHA,VA, 2nd mortgages thru Banks, mortgage companies and private lenders are just a starting place. We also aid appraisers in finding comparable sales helping assure your property appraises and the buyer is approved for financing.

8. We are experienced negotiators. We get the check!!!Offers, counteroffers, multiple offers, contingencies can be frustrating. It’s easier for a seller to have an agent mediate for them. Deposits are negotiated and then placed in escrow. You need a good faith deposit. Oral agreements and offers are not worth the paper they are not written on. Oral agreements are most times unenforceable.

9. Inspections, title insurance, permits, approvals, closing documents.Lots of details and many an opportunity for a slip up.

10. Let us help make suggestions to get your home ready for sale. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.


If you decide you need professional help, call us: 352-726-2628

Or email: Information@parsleyrealestate.com

Our commission is based on selling price. Call us for a free consultation and rate quotes.